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Archive | October, 2006

…Fake plane crashes are tricky to detect?

Plane Crash

A Los Angeles aircraft mechanic in training managed to get a hold of quite a few parts from a real Gulfstream jet, and used them to create a pretty convincing mock-up plane crash site in his front yard as part of a Halloween display. Funny thing is, it was so realistic, the Los Angeles Police responded to investigate the crash. It must have been a bad day for the officer who was “tricked” by this one.

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…Candy is gross?

Candy Earwax

Candy Nose

It used to be that worms and spiders were about the scariest candy got. Now, companies have gone gross in an attempt to draw in the kiddies. How does candy poop, vomit, snot, bugs, scabs and ear wax sound? If it sounds good to you, you’re probably less than 10 years old, and have a mouth full of dentist income. Check out Candy Addict’s list of the Top 10 Grossest Candies, ‘cause handing these out during Halloween is sure to get you TPed far less than those raisins you usually give away.

[Candy Addict – Top 10 Grossest Candies]

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…Moonstruck Chocolate Company makes tricks and treats?


Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is a Chocolatier with a passion for creative confections, including this year’s Spooky Sweets collection for the Halloween season. The treats include the Halloween Horror Pizza, a slice of milk chocolate pizza topped with a ghoulish array of red “Chocolate Sauce”, and eyeball truffle and gummy treats in the shape of worms and teeth, the Ivory Skull with Gummy Brains, a white chocolate skull filled with gummy brains, Wormy Jack, a milk chocolate Jack O’ Lantern filled with gummy worms, and a variety of other ghoulish gummies and creepy chocolates. Why trick, when you can treat?

[Moonstruck Chocolate Company]

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…Tequila is a world record holder?

Tequila Ley

If you really, really like your tequila and really, really like being filthy stinking rich, then this solid platinum and white gold bottle of Tequila Ley .925 is just what you need to complete you collection of expensive libations. Recently purchased for $255,000, it’s the most expensive bottle of liquor ever sold according to Guinness World Records. I’d imagine this isn’t the kind of thing you drink on an everyday occasion, though I’m sure it would probably taste pretty damn good if you did.

[Tequila Ley .925]

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