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Archive | April, 2007

…Sony slaughtered a goat?

Sony Goat

Sony may have gone a little over board with the European launch party for their new PlayStation 2 game God Of War II. The centerpiece of that party, and the main cause of all the commotion, was a freshly slaughtered goat, emptied out and filled with offal that guest were invited to eat from the still-warm stomach. As if that wasn’t enough, topless girls walked around with grapes that they dropped into guests’ mouths, a male model portraying Kratos handed out garlands, and guests were able to throw knives at targets and pull live snakes from a pit with their bare hands. Sounds like a few Sony execs drank a little too much punch when they came up with that idea.

[Via: Daily Mail]

[Response From Sony Via: Kotaku]

…Ikizukuri is fresh?

Ikizukuri is Japanese for “prepared alive”, and refers to the preparation of sashimi from a still living animal. The sashimi chefs who prepare ikizukuri are skilled enough to fillet and gut the fish without killing it, and then the ikizukuri is served on a plate with the heart still beating. Though controversial, it’s said that the flavor and freshness can’t be beat (I guess you can’t really get more fresh than a fish that’s still alive). Check out the video for a unique way of watching what you eat.

[Wikipedia – Ikizukuri]

[Via: Spluch]

…TheMacPac is coming?


Mark Howson, the man behind MacAppADay, has put together a bundle of Mac programs that he is calling TheMacPac, and starting May 1st, buyers are supposedly going to get quite a deal on the unnamed software. The bundle includes a combination of 10 games and applications, and will sell for $30 initially, which will rise as more programs are revealed. Though details are few and far between, the following is known:

  • $288.86 of software
  • No MacHeist duplicates
  • No MacZot Friday The 13th duplicates
  • No MacAppADay duplicates
  • No apps with a MacUpdate rating of less than 4/5
  • No widgets

It sounds like something to definitely keep an eye on if you’ve got an eye out for Mac deals, so get ready to join the pac.


[Twitter – TheMacPac]

[Via: MacApper]

…Fixie bikes are unstoppable?


The New York Times put together a great piece on the ‘unstoppable’ trend of fixies, or fixed geared bicycles. Designed for the track, these bikes, favorited for years by messengers and hipsters, have no breaks and no gears, and are stopped by an artful combination of reversing the pedals, skidding, or skip stopping. Their purity is their appeal, as the fixed gear bike has become both a fashion statement and a demonstration of skill. With the New York Times covering it though, I think that the fixies are going to have to come out of their underground hiding and into the spotlight as more and more people jump on the single speed bandwagon.

[New York Times – Unstoppable]

[Via: High Snobiety]