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…Building buildings is hard work?

There’s a satisfying feeling that you get from building something with your own two hands, and these two men know that feeling all too well, as they are the literal kings of their own castles.

Justo Cathedral

Justo Gallego Martinez is building his own cathedral in Mejorada del Campo, Spain. The building, which covers over 8,000 square meters, features “a complex ensemble of cloisters, offices, lodgings and a library”. It’s estimated that it may take him 15 to 20 more years to complete the building, but due to his failing health, he may not make it to see his work to completion. The building may not make it to completion either, as the city where it is located doesn’t exactly appreciate the work that Justo has done, and may simply tear the entire thing down after his death. That hasn’t stopped Justo from continuing on though, as he considers the building an “act of faith”.

Jim Castle

Jim Bishop bought a plot of land in the San Isabel National Forest area of Colorado, and soon after, began to build his house. As work continued and the building started to take on a personality of its own, friends and family would tell Jim that it looked like he was building a castle, so Jim decided to fulfill their jests and in fact, build a castle. His completed castle, which features an 160 foot tower and a flame spitting dragon, now serves as a tourist attraction and a tribute to the spirit of American freedom.

[Don Justo’s Cathedral]

[Jim Bishop’s Castle]

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