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…Graffiti Report Cards lets you fight ugly graffiti?

Graffiti Report Card

Design Crack is making taggers put their talent where their paint is with the Graffiti Report Card, “a mechanism that you can use to judge graffiti”. To use the judgment arrow, simply:

  1. Find a piece of graffiti you love or hate.
  2. Print out the PDF that’s included in the article (HERE).
  3. Fill out the graffiti report card with your comments.
  4. Stick it up on the wall next to the graffiti.
  5. Take a picture and send it to Design Crack.

The project’s aim is to combat ugly, large, talentless graffiti, while at the same time give praise to the talented graffiti writers who make the streets more beautiful. Do you have what it takes?

(Warning: The Graffiti Report Card is more than likely classified as graffiti itself, so be careful not to stick it to anything in front of the eyes of the law).

[Design Crack – The Graffiti Report Card]