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…It’s TGI Friday: Pillage The Village?

Pillage The Village

Pillage The Village is an awesome new Flash game from XGen Studios.

Called ‘A Prequel to Defend Your Castle’, it features “ragdoll physics, gesture recognition, and visceral, satisfying gameplay”.

What makes this game so unique is the fact that you can go about your pillaging plans in two ways. Either you can take a moral stand and fight for the pacifist way, or you can indulge in your deep desires and walk the path of the antagonist. Both paths include a plethora of useful spells, upgrades and abilities, so use each one once and see which side fits you best.

With a simple control scheme, a great story line, amazing animation, and the ability to win as either good or evil, this is a great way to fill your three day weekend, so get that mouse out and start pillaging.

[Pillage The Village]