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…Mendis coconut brandy is expensive?


If money is meaningless to you, send a few hundred my way, and then head on over to Mendis and put down a cool mil for their first bottle of Coconut Brandy.The 100% all-natural clear brandy is distilled from the essence of the coconut flower, and is supposedly the world’s first clear ultra-premium brandy that is produced from coconut.

The purchase comes with a first class flight and seven-day stay in the Maldives, followed by a trip to Sri Lanka where the original founder of The House of Mendis, Mr. W.M. Mendis, will give a personal tour of the distillery. The bottle with then be signed and numbered (I’m guessing 1/1) by Mr. Mendis, and will then fly back with the new owner and the two security guards that Mendis is providing.

Just to make the buyer feel extra special, they’re giving away bottle number two to one lucky contest winner (though it doesn’t come with million dollar bragging rights, the trip, or the body guards, it does come with a zero dollar price tag, and the ability to actually drink your collectors item).


[Via: BornRich]