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…Mountain Dew is doing Green Label Art?

Green Label Art

Mountain Dew is letting artists loose on their new limited edition aluminum bottles in a program called Green Label Art, to see what they can do with the Dew.

The chosen artists are “an eclectic mix, ranging in style and notoriety, from apparel and sneaker designers to a vinyl action/toy designer and a lead singer from a top Indie band”, and include:

  • TWEEQiM (miQ wilmOtt and THUY3) – vinyl action figures/toys; LA
  • Troy Denning – tattoo artist; NYC
  • Peat Wollaeger – stencil artist; St. Louis
  • Mark Nardelli (created two designs for 5 Boro) – skateboard graphics designer; NYC
  • jeffstaple – sneaker and apparel designer; NYC
  • Methamphibian – sneaker and apparel designer; NYC
  • Chris Pastras (with P-Rod) – skater/artist; LA
  • Adam Juresko – collage artist; Richmond, Va.
  • Dr. Revolt – graffiti artist; NYC
  • Chuck Anderson – photo illustration artist; Chicago
  • J.T. Woodruff (for Hawthorne Heights) – lead singer/painter; Dayton, Oh.

The new bottle designs might not taste any better, but now you can do the Dew anywhere you choose, and look good doing it.

[Green Label Art]

[Via: Will Work For Food]