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…Adam Betts improved Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 icons?

Adobe Icons

Adobe decided to simplify the icon set for Creative Suite 3, and though I can’t say that I was ever a fan of the white box and nature item look, the new ones don’t really appeal to me either. Thankfully, Adam Betts has come to the rescue and created an entire set of icon replacements for Adobe users. The design gives a unified look to each of the programs, as well as the associated documents, and takes its inspiration directly from the Adobe packaging. Note to Adobe: Hire Adam Betts.

[Adam Betts – Adobe Creative Suite 3 Icons]

[Via: UNEASYsilence]

…Some small annoyances need to be fixed?

There are a few minor things on my computer (PowerBook G4) that have been bothering me for a while now, so I finally decided to sit down and figure out what needed to be done to fix them. If you share my annoyances, here’s what to do:

First, when you install Adobe Acrobat Professional, it puts a PDF Toolbar in Excel, PowerPoint and Word that automatically pops up when you open each program.

PDF Toolbar

I never use either button on the toolbar, and when I want to make a PDF I just use the “Save As” option, so I wanted to get rid of the toolbar entirely. Unfortunately, you can’t just deselect the toolbar in the View/Toolbars menu, since it just comes back the next time you start the program, so you need to:

  1. Go to: /Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/Startup/
  2. Open the Excel folder
  3. Trash PDFMaker.xla
  4. Open the PowerPoint folder
  5. Trash PDFMaker.xla
  6. Open the Word folder
  7. Trash PDFMaker.xla

That should solve the recurring toolbar problem once and for all.

Second, when you install Adobe Creative Suite, it a bunch of .exe droplets that can be used to quickly edit photos and documents with common changes. Each of these .exe droplets shows up in my “Open With” menu when I go to open a photo (I use a variety of photo editing programs to edit photos for DYH, so I do this a log). Again, I never use any of the droplets, and they just make it harder to find the program that I really want, so I decided to get rid of the droplets entirely. Unfortunately, you can’t edit what shows up in the “Open With” menu (Dear Apple, I would love this function), so you need to:

  1. Quit all running applications
  2. Use Finder’s search funcion to find all .exe programs
  3. Delete the Adobe ones that you don’t use
  4. Go to /Macintosh HD/Library/Caches/
  5. Trash
  6. Trash (xxx is your uid number)
  7. Restart your computer
  8. Empty the Trash

For some reason, Adobe doesn’t play nicely with user customizable options. It would be nice to just disable certain options, but if you can’t do it the easy way, there’s usually a hard way that gets the job done. Just make sure to create backup copys of each file if you’re worried about bricking your computer.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

[Removing PDF Toolbar via: Kassblog]

[Resetting Launch Services via: The X Lab]

…Macworld is great for bingo?

Macworld Keynote Bingo

If a drinking game isn’t the way you want to celebrate the “just the beginning” keynote announcement, try some simpler fun with the Macworld Bingo board. Some of the descriptions are a little confusing, so half the fun is trying to figure out if something has actually happened, but it should be a great way to check out the announcements. One more thing, bonus points to anyone who yells out Bingo! during the actual Macworld keynote. I’d do it myself if only I had the opportunity. I think it’d definitely be worth the swift kick out of Mac Meca.

  • Mac Pro Octo – A Mac Pro model with eight cores (in any number of physical chips).
  • Leopard release date – The exact day that Mac OS X Leopard will be released.
  • Virtualization in Leopard – Any virtualization features built into Leopard. This includes the ability to run any other foreign OS within Leopard, including earlier versions of Mac OS.
  • New video iPod – Any new iPod that can play video, excluding storage bumps of existing video iPods.
  • New look in Leopard – Mac OS X Leopard includes significant changes to the look of the standards elements of the UI (windows, buttons, scroll-bars, etc.)
  • MacBook Thin – A new laptop with a screen smaller than any existing MacBook or MacBook Pro.
  • iPhone – Any new non-desktop/laptop Apple hardware product that can make phone calls. (VoIP counts.)
  • New MacBook Pro – Any new MacBook Pro model, including speed or storage bumps.
  • “One more thing…” – When Steve Jobs says there’s “one more thing.” A slide containing the phrase is also acceptable, even if Jobs does not actually say it.
  • Hardware product not presented by Jobs – A major new hardware product is presented by someone other than Steve Jobs.
  • New desktop Mac (not Mac Pro) – A new desktop Mac product that is not a Mac Pro. (New iMacs count.)
  • iPods with cameras – Any iPod with a camera in it or attached to it. (An “iPod Phone” counts if “iPod” is in the name.)
  • No iPhone – A new non-desktop/laptop Apple hardware product that can make phone calls is not announced.
  • ZFS mentioned – ZFS is mentioned by a presenter. Text on a slide does not count. The presenter must say it.
  • iTV named – The product previously discussed as “iTV” is officially named (even if the official name is “iTV”).
  • New displays with cameras – New Apple displays with built-in or otherwise attached cameras.
  • Illuminous – The word “illuminous” is spoken or appears on any slide.
  • “Otomatic” – When Steve Jobs says any derivative of the word “automatic”, which he pronounces in his own odd way with ah “oh” sound at the start of the word.
  • iTV does HD – The device known as iTV supports HDTV resolution (480p does not count).
  • iPhoto performance touted – The speed of iPhoto when dealing with large numbers of photos is touted.
  • “Boom” – When Steve Jobs says the word “boom” while demonstrating something.
  • New app added to iWork – A new application is added to Pages and Keynote in the iWork bundle.
  • Leopard != $129 – Mac OS X Leopard single-user price is not $129.
  • Universal Adobe or MS Office demo – Any demonstration of a Universal binary build of any Adobe product or any part of Microsoft Office. I’ll accept something less than a full-blown demo (e.g., just some screenshots or a marketing spiel) if you need this square to win, but it has to be delivered by an Adobe or Microsoft representative.

[Macworld Keynote Bingo]

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