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…Virgin is in mating season?

Virgin has always been a little ‘different’.

To help promote their Virgin Trains, they created this spot, which features animals (or people dressed up like animals) going at it like…animals.

It might not be ready for prime time, but I like to see a company that is willing to take a few risks with their advertising.

[Via: Trend Hunter]

…London’s underground is filled with animals?

Underground Elephant

Paul Middlewick stared at the London Underground map for so long, he started to see animals. Then, he realized that he wasn’t crazy, the tube lines, stations and junctions of the subway really did form into the shape of an elephant. Since that fateful discovery some 17 years ago, many more members of the animal kingdom have been discovered, all of which are documented at, a collection of 27 animals. No drugs required.


[Via: Neatorama]

…Soaps can teach science?

Skeleton Soap

Making hand washing a fun activity so that kids do it more by allowing them to wash away the soap until a skeleton appears from inside: Cool. Using animals that don’t have skeletons so that kids are confused about science: Not Cool. Skeleton Soap encourages kids to wash their hands by slowly revealing a skeleton inside of the soap body. Sadly, crabs (Colin the Crab) have exoskeletons (which would make for some pretty useless Skeleton Soap) and octopi (Olivia the Octopus) don’t have skeletons at all, which sort of defeats the purpose of the soap all together. If you’re going to get this for a child in your life, just make sure you go with Freddie the Fish, as cleanliness is important, but biology lasts a lifetime.

[Fredeie the Fish]

[Olivia the Octopus]

[Colin the Crab]

[Via: Core77 Design Blog]

…Animal mugs blend dimensions?

Monkey Mug

These animal mugs are an interesting blend of two and three dimensions. Using some part of the animal that sticks out of the mug and forms the handle, the rest of the mug is very realistically painted, resulting in an animal that comes right out of the piece. Very cool concept indeed.

[Protrusive Mugs]


[Via: Neatorama]