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…Drugs make you rich?

$53 Million

Authorities in Mexico seized $53 million in cash that was hidden in a Mexico City house, guarded by seven people, for what must have been a huge drug operation. How would you like to sleep on something like that every night?

Edit: Apparently, it wasn’t $53 million, but rather $205 million that was seized! That makes it the largest seizure of drug money in the history of drug money seizures, give or take a few million.

[More Pics: El Universal Online]

[Los Angeles Times – Mexico Meth Raid Yields $205 Million In U.S. Cash]

[Via: Boing Boing]

…It’s Website Wednesday: Paris Exposed?

Paris Exposed

Though I’m not surprised by the existence of, I am surprised by the extent of The story behind the site goes like this:

  • Paris rented out a 6,000 square foot storage unit to house all of her personal possessions.
  • Paris forgot to pay the $208 bill.
  • The storage unit was auctioned off.
  • Someone bought it, sold the stuff inside for millions to
  • History.

The site is a literal database of anything and everything Paris Hilton. It features:

  • Britney Spears memorabilia.
  • Nick Carter love notes.
  • Recorded phone calls.
  • Her phone book with thousands of celebrity phone numbers.
  • A Girls Gone Wild session with Joe Francias.
  • Lots of drug use.
  • Video diaries.
  • More Paris sex tapes.
  • Receipts, medical records, bank statements, fan mail, cards, to do lists.
  • Much more.

Though I’m sure there’s some juicy stuff in there, I almost feel bad for her. Almost. If you’re willing to put down the $39.97 required for one month of access, Paris’s world is your oyster, though you’ll have to check your conscience at the door.

[Paris Exposed]