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…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Polly Motorsports Trans Am?

Polly Motorsports Trans Am Engine

Sure, it looks like KITT, and is probably shorter in person, but this 1987 Pontiac Trans Am is no movie star.

No, it’s more akin to the stuntman that shows up, gets the job done, and then goes home to the family without expecting any kind of star treatment.

That’s because this rather stock looking car (when the hood’s down at least) from Polly Motorsports of Norway is officially Europe’s fastest street-legal car, with a verified top speed of 252 mph on the Papenburg test track in Germany. Plus, according to the builders, it was just getting warmed up when they set that record, and they expect to see speeds in excess of 270 mph once they have a chance to stretch its legs back in the US.

Polly Motorsports Trans Am

Power comes from an 8.9L V8 that has been supercharged to produce 1407 horsepower, and the result (in addition to the top speed) is a 0-62 mph time of just 2.23 seconds.

A custom-made coilover suspension keeps things planted, a 9” Ford axle tries not to explode when the go pedal is pressed, and 14” brakes slow everything down once the fun is over. Other than the hood scoop though, the exterior looks rather civilized, and it’s only when you pop the hood of the best do you realize that it’s no ordinary Trans Am.

No need to worry if you see this car in your rear view mirror though, because it probably won’t be there for long.

Polly Motorsports Trans Am Burnout

[Polly Motorsports – Trans Am]

[Via: Autoblog]

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: MTM BiMoto?

MTM BiMoto

Take your Audi TT, put an extra engine in the trunk, and what do you get?

244.2 MPH of crazy good fun, that’s what.

MTM demoed the power of their TT BiMoto beast by top speeding it at the Papenburg test track in Germany, and you don’t need to speak German to know that nearly 250 MPH is nearly too fast. Plus, it was done “under windy conditions, partial rain, and temperatures of around 20 degrees centigrade” to keep things interesting.

To reach those plane worthy speeds, the BiMoto relied on two 1.8 liter inline fours, two DSG gearboxes, and longer gear ratios (though the stock BiMoto will still do 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds).

600,000 euros buys you your own 740 HP monster, but how can you put a price on insanity?

[MTM – BiMoto]

[Via: Autoblog]