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…Cartons make great light?

Anke Weiss Carton Lamps

Anke Weiss created some very cool lamps out of various cartons by pricking holes around the edges of the designs.

Though Weiss is an artist, these don’t look too difficult, and I’m sure that with a little time, you could make one of your own, so definitely keep this in mind for the next rainy day.

[Anke Weiss]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…Umbrellas can be deadly?

Squirt Gun Umbrella

Since I’ve been sloshing through the rain for a few days now, I am starting to wish there was a better way to stay dry.

While this umbrella might not keep you out of the elements any better than a normal umbrella, it will keep you entertained with a squirt gun handle that is perfect for hand to hand combat.

Rainwater is collected to fill the gun’s reservoir, and the umbrella itself acts as a shield in case of ambush, so there’re the perfect cure for rainy day blues.

Slosh on.

[Alex Woolley Design – Squirt Gun Umbrella]

[Via: Neatorama]