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…Kettle Chips wants you to choose?

Kettle Chips Fire And Spice

Kettle Chips, the all-natural potato chip brand, has put five new flavors on the market, and they want you to try them all and then let Kettle know what you think. (Sounds like an easy way to sell five bags of chips to me!)

Featuring Wicket Hot Sauce, Mango Chili, Jalapeño Salsa Fresca, Orange Ginger Wasabi, and Death Valley Chipotle, they’re all part of the Fire and Spice pack, and they all sound delicious.

Which one sounds good to you?

[Kettle Chips – Fire And Spice]

[Via: Slashfood]

…Your Starbucks coffee comes with music?

Apple - iTunes - Starbucks

To get folks to try out the new Starbucks-Apple iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, Apple will be giving away $50 million in “Song of the Day” cards to coffee customers from October 2 to November 7.

The cards will be good for a hand-picked song from the iTunes library, which might sound limiting, but with artists like Bob Dylan, Joss Stone, Dave Matthews, Bebel Gilberto, John Mayer, KT Tunstall, John Legend, Annie Lennox, Joni Mitchell, Keith Urban, Paul McCartney, Sia, Band of Horses, Hilary McRae, Frederico Aubele and Sara Bareilles, it’ll probably be something worth hearing.

It might not pay for the $5 coffee, but at least you get something with your daily caffeine fix.

[Apple – iTunes – Starbucks]

[Via: Apple Insider]