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…$10,000 cigarettes kill you just as fast as $5 ones?

Expensive Cigarette Pack

Looking like a friend of Bender’s from Futurama, Bat International has created a $10,000 pack of cigarettes. The 18-carat white gold pack is studded with a single large diamond and an equally large ruby. The cigs inside are just plain old Lucky Strikes, and they’re still going to kill you just as fast, as shown by the giant “Smoking kills” sticker on the outside (apparently no amount of money can bypass that sticker). Sold exclusively at limited European airports, the packs are intended to boost the iconic design profile of one of BAT’s leading cigarette brands. If lighting $100 bills on fire doesn’t seem to show of your wealth like it used to, try lighting up one of these, and blow your money away almost as fast, but with a bit more class.

[Via: BornRich]