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…Car + tape = road trip?

Blue Audi Elephant

What happens when you buy a car on the other side of the country and don’t want to ship it across? Road Trip! One Audi S4 owner decided to trust two of his friends to bring his new car home, and the two friends decided to trust the car to lead them into plenty of adventure. Before the trip began, they bought four and a half rolls of 3M Safe-Release blue painters tape and gave the car a nice Nogaru Blue tape job, protecting their friend’s nice black paint, but also allowing them to use the car body to chronicle their voyage. And what a voyage it was. 2,850 miles of roadside attractions, sign sightings, and car spottings later, the car was delivered to its new owner with a shiny black paint job and quite a story to tell.

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[Via: Autoblog]