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…Miele has created a Starbucks replacement?

Miele Coffee

If you like your coffee, and I mean really like your coffee, then the Miele CVA615 coffee system may be for you (That’s right, I said system, this isn’t your mother’s coffee pot). It features a 500g coffee bean container, steel customizable coffee grinder, brewing unit, used coffee grounds container, 2.5 liter water reservoir, integrated lighting, two dispensing spouts, hot water spout, frothing arm, safety lock, and an LCD display that can talk to you in 7 different languages! This thing makes coffee, tea, lattes, and cappuccinos. If you want, you can even have this installed with a plate-warmer underneath so you never have to use a cold cup again. Unleash your inner Starbucks barista, and never look at coffee the same again.


[Via: Uncrate]