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Archive | August, 2006

…Putting on the Potty can help your game?

Potty Putter

The Potty Putter (no joke, that’s its name) is a putting green for the pooping golfer. If magazines (or just doing what you’ve got to do in there and getting out) don’t keep you occupied while the Browns play in the Superbowl, then grab your putter and swing away. Though this probably won’t help you with your stance (hopefully), it will make you better at those pressure situations on the course. The Potty Putter includes:

  • The Putting Green
  • 2 Golf Balls
  • A Putter
  • A Flag Stick
  • A “Do Not Disturb” Sign (for your practice sessions)

[Potty Putter]

[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

…Inka Pens make you feel like an astronaut?

Inka Pen

The Inka Pen is the latest attempt by a company to make a space pen, though this one seems pretty well designed, albeit rather expensive. Designed to be lightweight, watertight, and able to withstand harsh environments, the pen is made from high-strength aerospace-grade (what does that even mean?) materials, including carbon fiber and 304 stainless steel. The barrel is hardened, CNC machined, centerless ground then laser engraved. The ink cartridge is pressurized to ensure that the pen will write at any angle, any temperature, at any altitude, and even underwater (though no one yet has developed waterproof paper to write on, it’s still a neat feature). The pen is made in the USA, comes with a lifetime warranty, and even uses recycled packaging made form 100% recycled PET and paperboard. I like the inclusion of a stylus, and the fact that this looks to be the only keychain pen that actually works like a regular pen, but did they need to add all of the aerospace mumbo jumbo? $25 will make you feel like an astronaut as you write on the ceiling, or $90 gets you the Titanium Inka Pen, so you can feel like the guy paying to be a space tourist astronaut as you write on the ceiling.


[Via: Gizmodo]

…Finders of “The Scream” will receive two million M&Ms as a reward?

The Scream

Two of the world’s most famous paintings, “The Scream” and “Madonna”, both by Edvard Munch, were recovered today, two years after being stolen from the Munch Museum. The thieves were convicted in May, but until today, the paintings had not been recovered. What makes this story really news worthy though, is the fact that just days ago, in an attempt to advertise for their new dark chocolate M&Ms, Masterfoods USA offered a reward of 2 million dark chocolate M&Ms for the return of “The Scream”, which their new ad campaign is based on. It appears that Masterfoods will honor their offer and give the finders their keepers of 40,000 chocolaty packages, provided the authenticity of the painting is proven of course. I just hope they provide a picture of the delivery so we can finally see what a bag (or a truck) full of 2 million M&Ms looks like.

[Via: Candy Blog]

…Press-Bot makes your Nalgene a coffee pot?

Coffee Nalgene

If you love the outdoors but don’t like missing your daily cup of joe, the Press-Bot will allow you to get your daily fix of caffeine anywhere (and I mean anywhere). Designed to fit inside of a wide mouth Nalgene water bottle, the Press-Bot turns your bottle into a convenient French press for brewing that perfect pot. There is even a pour spout so you don’t have to remove it to begin enjoying the fruits of your labor. Just remember to clean it thoroughly after each use, otherwise your Nalgene will start to get the dreaded “coffee stink”.


[Via: Popgadget]

…Grills are more than just meat cookers, they’re art?

Barbeque Grill

Kamado makes a Ceramic Barbecue Grill that looks more like art for your backyard than a cooking apparatus. Handmade with a custom design unique to each piece, the barbecue can be configured to run wood, gas, charcoal, or an electric grill in five different sizes and a myriad of colors. The barbecue can also be used as a smoker or an oven. Though no one can verify the claim (‘cause it’s probably not true), the company says “food smoked, broiled, or baked in our original ceramic Kamado has always tasted different and better”. The design can even withstand winds of up to 70 mph (though I question your sanity if you grill in weather conditions like that). A Kamado of your very own will cost you around $2000, and you may have to explain to the neighbors that this is not a human cooking urn, but that’s a small price to pay for grilling perfection.


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