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Archive | August, 2006

…Enjoying a fine cigar isn’t as easy as it would seem?


So you’ve mastered fine wines, conquered great food, and perfected perfect beers, but someone hands you a stogie and you’re dead in the water? Complete your knowledge of the finer things in life with Cigar Group’s extensive (and I mean extensive) FAQ section. The site covers topics such as selecting the perfect single, cutting, ash, storage, humidification, and creating the ever-elusive smoke ring. Next time you go to celebrate that momentous occasion with a fine cigar, enjoy it properly with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of practice (to make perfect of course).

[Cigar Smoker’s FAQ]

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…The monocopter may soon let you fly with the birds?


Andreas Petzoldt had the same dream of flying that most people have, but his dream included making flying (without wings) a reality. Thus, 10 years ago, he began designing a flying suit that would give him the freedom to fly anywhere he pleased. It uses a turbine engine, rather than the liquid fuelled rocket engines used by earlier “rocket belt” attempts at flying. This gives the suit an estimated flight time of 20 minutes, compared to 30 seconds using the old method. The turbine will flow its massive amount of air through four nozzles, stabilizing the suit and providing propulsion. There’s a great bit of engineering in the project so far, but costs are mounting and now he’s looking for sponsors. I only hope he gets them and completes his project so that someday we might all fly with the birds.


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…Heinz lets you add your message to their bottles?

Heinz Bottle
Heinz Talking Labels lets you put any message (as long as it passes Heinz terms of use) on a bottle of Heinz products, and have the label printed and shipped to you on your bottle of choice for just $6. This would make a great gift for that newly married couple you don’t really know that well, or keep it for yourself and entertain guests with your clever labels (‘Stop shaking me’ and ‘Blood of the Pope’ are just a few ideas to get you started).

[Heinz Talking Labels]

…You can make your own official seal?


The Official Seal Generator takes any text and a few options and cranks out a seal of your very own. A great way to kill some time; make one for a friend and solidify that nickname he earned the last time he got drunk. “Enter some text, choose a border and an emblem, pick your colors, and click the ‘Go’ button. An Official Seal will be generated for you.”

[Official Seal Generator]

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…Tank treads are available for your ATV?

ATV Tracks

When I first saw this I thought, “Whoa, cool, an ATV with tracks!” but then I thought “Wait, isn’t that what a snowmobile is for?” Then, I finally came to the realization that although both devices do the same thing, an ATV with tracks just says, “I am master of my domain” with so much more authority than a boring (by comparison) snowmobile. Plus, if you’ve already got an ATV, you can now take it to the snow with the simple addition of snow tracks. Made by Camoplast, the Giant ATV Track System replaces the wheels of your ATV, giving you higher ground clearance and a larger ground surface, and can be used in all four seasons, not just the snowy one. Installation takes two to four hours, depending on installer skill and how frozen your hands are before you start. Plus, you can easily slap your original wheels back on and continue practicing those wheelies you’ve been working on.


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