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Archive | September, 2006

…The sweet smell of success is only a spray away?

Money Cologne

What’s the smell of success? For one company, it’s a fistful of crisp bills straight from the ATM. Their fragrance, called Money, is literally the laboratory recreation of the smell of fresh cash. Described as “An Energizing, Stimulating, One-of-a-Kind Fragrance that brings out the spirit living in us all”; this “Scent of America” is available in .5 and 1.7 oz bottles, and you can even buy it by the case load if you are feeling generous and want everyone around you smelling successful as well. Just don’t bank on this getting you a date the next time you go for a night out on the town.

[Liquid Money]

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…You blink needs a little more bling?

Diamond Eyelashes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and apparently Madonna just couldn’t find enough places to put her best friend, so she had a custom set of mink false eyelashes done up with .75 carats of hand-faceted diamonds featuring a unique new cut called the “Star Shimmer Cut” to add a little bling to her gaze. Made by designer Gina Brooke, shu uemura’s artistic director, these custom eyelashes will now be available to non-celebrities as well for a hefty $10,000 per set. They will only be available through seven select Neiman Marcus stores though, so if you just have to have a set, it’s time to start making some phone calls. For those who can’t spend the price of a small car to add a little diamond shine to their look, shu uemura also offers replica diamond eyelashes for a much more affordable $25. Looks like the bling blink will definitely be in this season.

[Precious Diamond Lashes]

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…Mac’s OS comes with a built in zoom feature?

Here’s a cool feature built into the latest version of Mac’s OS: Screen Zoom using the mouse scrollwheel. Just hold ctrl and use the scrollwheel to zoom in and out, and move the focus by moving the pointer. This trick also works with the two finger “scroll” trackpads. Just hold ctrl and you can zoom in an out by moving your two fingers up and down.

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…Blind people can play baseball too?

People go to great lengths and are very creative when it comes to overcoming adversity. Baseball is America’s pastime, but how would you go about playing if you can’t even see the ball due to partial or full blindness? The answer is Beep Baseball, a game with determination and heart at its core. The rules are similar to baseball, but they use a grapefruit sized ball that emits a constant noise while on the field. The pitcher and catcher are sighted, and on the same team as the batter. If the batter hits the ball, the goal is to reach either first or third base, depending on whichever one randomly makes noise, before the fielders can control the ball. If the batter reaches the base, a run is scored. The following website is a series of videos explaining the game and the players, and it’s both heartwarming and inspirational. It seems nothing can keep some people down.

[ESPN – Beep Baseball]

[The National Beep Baseball Association]

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…Harmonicas sound better when they have six sides?

Six-Sided Harmonica

If you put the guy who can play the 42-string guitar together with anyone that can master this six-sided harmonica, you would have yourself one hell of a two-man band. Made by the renowned Hohner instrument company which was founded in Germany in 1857, this harmonica has the largest tonal range available in any Hohner tremolo model. From the website:

    “Tremolo harmonicas employ two reeds per note, and each harmonica on this instrument has 24 double holes for a total of 48 reeds per harmonica that produce a warm vibrato characteristic of the world-famous Hohner sound. Each harmonica is tuned to a different key: C, D, F, G, A and B flat, and each comb (the central air chamber component) is made of maple for a rich, full tone. The harmonica can be played in its unified wheel-mount form, or dismantled for individual play”.

At $300, it’s probably out of the reach of the standard hobo harmonica player, but if you’ve got a passion for the instrument, this is what your dreams are made of.

[Six-Sided Harmonica]

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