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Archive | December, 2006

…iVue lets you see your iPod?


Apple gives you black and white, and ColorWare will give you the rainbow, but only iPodMods can give you clear. Their new iVue Crystal Clear Panels are hard, resilient, and scratch-resistant cases, allowing you to “see the inner workings of your musical companion” in either 5th Generation Video, 1st Generation Nano, or 4th Generation iPod form. The future of iPod customization is clear.


[Via: Uncrate]

…Drinking can be funny?

Bottle Body

Tonight, millions of people all across the world are probably going to have drink or two (or twelve) in celebration, but just remember, there’s only one good way to end the night, and it doesn’t involve passing out so your friends can draw on you or play funny games with your unresponsive body, so drink responsibly (and remember to take pictures).

Stuck In Bed

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