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Archive | May, 2007

…It’s Wheel Time?

Wheel Time

What’s amazing about animation is the way in which simple stories can take on a life of their own. This short, called Wheel Time, is the work of Tom Judd, and shows how even subtly shaded characters and plain backgrounds can tell quite a tale.

[Tom Judd]

[Via: Josh Spear]

…The Graffiti Project is done with week one?

The Graffiti Project

As any long time fan of DidntYouHear knows, I’m a fan of time lapse videos, and especially ones that involve art. This compilation of the first week of The Graffiti Project is no different, and delivers the goods in a simply stunning manner. Makes me wish I was handy with the spray.

Some background info on The Graffiti Project:

    The idea is simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland.

    We are bringing together four of the world’s leading graffiti artists from Brazil to create a unique burst of colour, embracing the walls and turrets of the south side of Kelburn Castle and the castle grounds. On a traditional typecast building, this bold and striking artistic statement will hopefully receive positive media attention, whilst challenging the public’s understanding of both urban graffiti art and the British institution the building represents. It is a project that bridges between rural and urban realms and unites two proud and very different cultures.

    The project will involve the artists and organizers living together in the Castle for approximately one month, documented by various forms of media. The artists will have time to share and explore new ideas, from both sides of the equator, culminating in a one-off, giant piece of collaborative art.

[The Graffiti Project]

[Via: Wooster Collective]

…The R.I.O.T. Wheel looks like fun?

R.I.O.T. Wheel

The R.I.O.T. Wheel is “an 1,100lb motorized single-wheel vehicle, with the driver in front”, and looks like a…riot!

Essentially a giant tractor tire with an engine in the middle and a seat in the front, it was developed for the Burning Man festival (could have guessed that one), and manages to defy the laws of gravity. Ready to start a riot?

[The R.I.O.T. Wheel]

[Via: Hacked Gadgets]

…The Oxypedia ranks oxymorons?


Oxypedia is a place where the Shrimp are always Jumbo, and the Odds are always Even.

For more wonderful ways to screw up your speech, check out the Top 50 Oxymorons, a list compiled from numerous emails and tall tales.

Though many of them are pretty ugly, it’s almost exactly like every other list, so you won’t be missing much. Just remember, Microsoft Works.

[Oxypedia – Top 50 Oxymorons]

[Via: Neatorama]