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Archive | June, 2007

…Sex at the movie theater can be funny?

Movie Sex

I saw Knocked Up last night (which was definitely as funny as everyone said it would be), but unfortunately, my movie theater was not as creative as some apparently are when it comes to their signage.

This picture is a clear example of what happens when you give someone too much time and too little salary.

[Via: Tech.Chick.Blog]

…iPhone64 is coming?

With iPhone-gasms just a day away, there’s only one thing left to do: mock the iFanboys.

And for those of you who still haven’t seen it, here’s the original:

[Via: GeekSugar]

…The iSmudginator can’t save your iPhone?

iSmudginatorThe iSmudginator is a digital way to practice smudging, scuffing, scratching, and generally marking up your soon to be not new iPhone, and then practice attempting to revive it with the iCloth.

The best part? Every time you answer, it leaves an iEar mark.