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Archive | August, 2007

…Skype can be portable?


Skype is a wonderful tool. Using your already active Internet connection, Skype allows you to call any other Skype member, free of charge. You can also make extremely cheap long distance and international calls if you’re so inclined, and all calls received through Skype are free.

Because it’s such a low cost alternative to the standard phone, many people want to bring Skype with them as they travel, so that they can call around without emptying their pockets first.

Sadly, Skype has yet to release an official version that works on a USB drive. Thus, the only way to use Skype when you’re on someone else’s ‘puter is to either install Skype there, or use their copy of Skype and leave your digital fingerprints all over it (a no no for privacy people).

Less sadly is the fact that with a few simple hacks, you can create your very own fully functioning ‘Skype Portable’. Unfortunately, it’s a Windows only affair, though I’d imagine the process isn’t much different for us Mac guys (and I’d also imagine that for us Mac guys, Skype is portable ready right out of the box).

    First of all, make a folder for your portable application. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s call it “Skype Portable”. Next, go into the installed Skype folder on your computer (download the program first if you haven’t already got it). Find the file “skype.exe” and copy it (right-click on the file and choose “copy”). Then place the copied file inside your Skype Portable folder by right-clicking inside the folder and choose “insert”.

    Next, inside the Skype Portable folder, make another new folder and name it “data”. Inside the data folder, open a new file with Microsoft Notepad. Name the file “skype.bat” and inside this notepad file, place the following line: skype.exe /datapath:”Data” /removable . Save and close.

    Move the entire Skype Portable file over to your USB flash drive. Congratulations, you now have a working portable version of Skype which can be run from a USB drive.

Cool, huh?

[Via: Read/Write Web]

…You can build a rocket?

Launch It Challenge

If buying a rocket kit to get to space seems like cheating, then build your own with a little help from Instructables.

The guide includes a rocket, a launch pad, and an electronic igniter, so all you’ll need is the motor to start invading the sky.

[Instructables – Model Rocket]

…JBS uses women to sell men’s underwear?

JBS Underwear

Want to sell more men’s underwear?

Then use female models.

Here’s why: No guy wants to stare at another half naked guy to see how the boxer shorts that he’s about to buy make that guy look, so why not just give them something a little more eye-catching to look at while they make their decision.

JBS Underwear agrees, and decided to use underwearless women in the advertisements for their new men’s line.

Smart move JBS; smart move.

[JBS Underwear]

[Via: Green Llama]

…It’s TGI Friday: Pillage The Village?

Pillage The Village

Pillage The Village is an awesome new Flash game from XGen Studios.

Called ‘A Prequel to Defend Your Castle’, it features “ragdoll physics, gesture recognition, and visceral, satisfying gameplay”.

What makes this game so unique is the fact that you can go about your pillaging plans in two ways. Either you can take a moral stand and fight for the pacifist way, or you can indulge in your deep desires and walk the path of the antagonist. Both paths include a plethora of useful spells, upgrades and abilities, so use each one once and see which side fits you best.

With a simple control scheme, a great story line, amazing animation, and the ability to win as either good or evil, this is a great way to fill your three day weekend, so get that mouse out and start pillaging.

[Pillage The Village]