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Archive | August, 2007

…Gmail is taking us behind the scenes?

The final cut of the Gmail: Behind the Scenes video is here, and with 1,100 clips to choose from, they were able to pick the cream of the crop for this 2:19 montage of envelopes going from left to right.

Also, this gives me a chance to try out the cool new Google Maps embed feature, so take a look at the map below for a detailed look at where each clip came from.

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…Tripwire is a silent coconut?


Tripwire is an interesting solution to the problem of too much noise coming from your local airport.

Designed by the MIT Media Lab, these coconuts were hung from trees around the San Jose International Airport, and then any time one detected noise above the allowed level, it made a call to the complaint hotline and left a pre-recorded complaint. They even stored the data for later analysis.

Are they nuts?


[Via: Gizmodo]

…There’s a new King and Queen of Mimobot world?

King And Queen

For the latest addition to their 2007 Artist Series of Mimobots, Mimoco went to the Spear Collective for ideas, and the Spear Collective came back with this King and Queen design from Undoboy.

Featuring a very unique playing card inspired design, and tons of exclusive content, including wallpapers, icons, avatars, animations, and screensavers, this limited edition storage toy won’t last long; so pick up one of the 2,000 today, because once they’re gone, they’re gone (to eBay).


[Via: Josh Spear]

…The Wee Ninjas have their own town?


The Shawnimals Empire continues to grow, and with the release of Ninjatown 2.0, an online community that is populated by the famous plush characters from the Wee Ninjas series, there’s no telling when it might stop.

Filled with bios, icons, wallpapers, games and more, this upgrade to the original Ninjatown is a wonderful improvement for the wee guys, and should give them plenty of room to grow. This, along with the Ninjatown DS game that is coming out, and a Wii Ninjas game that is supposedly in the works, means that you’ll soon be able to get your stuffed ninja fix everywhere you go.

They just grow up so fast these days…



…The Firefox sidebar is now useful?

Google SidebarHere’s an interesting idea: As more and more websites become iPhone compatible, the ability to load a site in Firefox’s sidebar becomes more and more useful.

With this simple trick, you can pull contact info from Facebook, or see what the latest Digg story is, all without even leaving the page you’re on.

Here’s how:

  1. Bookmark your favorite URL
  2. After you have saved the bookmark, Go to the Bookmarks Menu and right-click your newly created bookmark. Choose the Properties option.
  3. Check the box that says ‘Load this bookmark in the sidebar’.
  4. The next time you open that bookmark, it will popup in the sidebar!

Easy, right?

Now go load some sidebar pages!

[Via: CyberNet News]