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Archive | August, 2007

…Your purse should persuade?


Looking for a purse with a little more edge? Then check out the Persuader Gun Purse from James Piatt. Featuring a cell phone holding clip, interlocking leather, and no stitching, it’s not going to help you get on a plane any faster, but it is going to help you scare off the kiddies.

[James Piatt – Persuader]

[Via: Gizmodo]

…It’s Website Wednesday: HBO Voyeur?

HBO Voyeur

The HBO Voyeur Project is a “hyper media” event that focuses its eyes on New York City. Based on a collection of multimedia stories and “character artifacts”, it’s a look behind the windows and walls of everyday life. Spanning across the HBO channel, HBO On Demand,, and numerous websites and real world locations, this highly ambitious project wants to know, “Do you like to watch?”


…ColorWare will customize your iPhone?

ColorWave iPhone

Picked up an iPhone, but you’re already feeling like an iClone?

Then customize your Jesus phone with the ColorWare treatment, giving it an automotive style paint job that is sure to shine.

With 29 color combinations available, and the ability to pick and choose what colors go where, you can create your own work of art for just $149 over the cost of the phone itself.

They’ll even take in your old phone and color it up if you’ve already made the plunge.

[ColorWare – iPhone]