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Archive | March, 2009

…It’s Tuner Tuesday: Project Sipster?

Project Sipster

A 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit doesn’t seem like a likely candidate for a Tuner Tuesday nomination, but when Top Gear gets their hands on it, the result is going to be anything but ordinary.

Thus, what you see here is Project Sipster, a car that they wanted to go 0-60 in just 7 seconds, get at least 70 mpg, and cost less than $7,000 to duplicate.

Project Sipster Engine

To reach those magic numbers, they yanked the engine out, replaced it with the diesel engine from a 2002 Jetta, and then tuned the engine, body and suspension for a more powerful yet more economical ride.

So did they pull it off?

You’ll just have to watch the video and see:

Who says saving the planet has to be expensive, difficult, and not fun?

[Top Gear – Project Sipster]

…Tracksuits are about to blow up?

Blow-Up Doll Trackjacket

You wouldn’t want to wear them to grandma’s house, but the tracksuits that Mama Anders has designed, which feature bits and pieces of blow-up dolls, are definitely a good way to get noticed.

Blow-Up Doll Trackjacket

According to Mama Anders:

These dolls are so ugly and vulgar that turning them into something beautiful has become a challenge for me. The doll is a means to convey something else.

[Mama Anders Design]

[Via: LikeCool]