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Archive | February, 2012

Vintage Ladies Bicycle Tricks

Sure, doing tricks on a bicycle is hard.

But doing tricks on a vintage ladies bicycle? Impossible, right?

Apparently not:

Consider me impressed.

Threadless Notebooks From Scout Books

Threadless Scout Books

In addition to t-shirts, Threadless has branched out into notebooks through a partnership with Scout Books.

The covers feature popular designs from the community, including “Bone Idol” by Stuart Colebrook, “Poker Hand Values” by Tan Nuyen, and “Music Business Remastered” by Dale Edwin Murray, as seen above.

Inside each book is 16 pages of graph paper to help you organize your thoughts, and all materials are made in the USA.

Just $9 for a 3 Pack.

[Threadless – Notebooks]

Swing Pong

Take ping pong, add the ability to tilt and shift the table using buttons or a pre-programmed pattern, and you’ve got Swing Pong, a new game that adds an innovative twist to an old favorite:

Tool Tank Multi-Tool

Tool Tank

The Tool Tank is a multi-tool keychain that features 3 screwdriver bits cleverly disguised within the tracks of a tank.

Each bit magnetically attaches to the turret, which rotates up for use. Just pick your bit, rotate the turret and you’ve got yourself a clever little screwdriver that’s always ready to do ‘battle’ with chores around the house.

[Tool Tank]