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…Beer can now be had organic, gluten and barley free?

New Grist Beer

Lakefront Brewery from the Milwaukee River region of Wisconsin is now distributing New Grist; the first American brewed and certified organic beer. If you support the cleaning of this planet that we currently occupy from pesticides but still like getting your drink on, then pick up a six-pack of 12-ouncers. Not just organic, it’s the first beer to be approved by the US Government brewed without malted barley or gluten-containing products. It’s brewed from sorghum, hops, water, rice and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses. Not too sure what this does to taste, but if you can’t handle your gluten, then this is the drink for you, you celiac you (look it up). The brewery started out making only sixty barrels of the stuff and is now distributing nationwide so this must taste good enough to draw some demand for it.

[Lakefront Brewery New Grist]

[Via: Treehugger]