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…A plague of locusts doesn’t have to be a bad thing?

Locust Bicycle

Looking more like a modern art interpretation of a bicycle than a useable form of transportation, Josef Cadek’s Locust folding bicycle design study is a beautiful example of form and function melding to form one heck of a unique idea. It is designed “to offer full-valuable bike with great ability to be folded, stored in small spaces”. Toss it in your trunk and go for a ride during your lunch hour. Cram it in your overstuffed suitcase and tour the countryside on your next trip. The size this thing folds down to will open a whole world of possibilities. Cadek has even designed a belt system that allows you to fold the bike up without having to deal with an oily chain getting everywhere. Everything comes apart and goes together easily with a few simple safety locks and knobs. This would be perfect for a college town. Imagine every student riding to campus and then folding up their bike and taking it with them into the classroom or into the dorm. Even the coloring is designed to increase visibility for safety. Somehow the design of this bicycle reminds me of the Confederate Motor Company’s B91Wraith, a motorcycle that looks like the byproduct of an art student doing a project on the use of circles. The Wrath though is a whole different beast, and somehow doesn’t bring up the same peaceful images as the Locust. Check out both and decide for yourself what kind of geometrist you want to be.

Wraith Motorcycle

[Via: Core77 Design]

[Josef Cadek]

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