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Didn’t You Hear is the brainchild of Cory O’Brien (and caffeine).
It’s a blog about anything and everything that’s cool, hot, fresh and classic.
It’s the latest and greatest, the upcoming, and the not quite there yet.
It’s offbeat and on target, undiscovered and underground.
It’s street, it’s style, it’s essential, and it’s inspirational.
It’s interesting, entertaining, enlightening, and exciting.
And above all, it’s not serious enough to take itself seriously.

(In slightly less poetic prose:) Didn’t You Hear is filled with whatever I find that’s worthy of posting, and sent to you, straight up and honest, on a sarcastic platter filled with made-up words and Photoshopped images. If you like it, good, if you don’t, great, because this site is supposed to polarize and energize, not anesthetize, so feel free to scrutinize. Just don’t forget, it’s all in good fun.