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…Alice’s tea party was created by Lipton?

Alice Tea Party

English tea company Lipton celebrated the 100-year anniversary of their presence in Japan by hosting a tea party that recreated the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland. Created by the Japanese design group, Nendo, the café plays with an observer’s perception to make it appear as if all of the chairs are the same size, though some are almost too small to sit upon, and some are so large that your feet cannot touch the floor. In the designer’s own words:

“We radically distorted the size of the long table and rows of chairs to heighten the room’s sense of receding depth, and did the same thing with the silhouettes of characters from the novel used as the pattern for the wallpaper. These details let us create a space that felt long and narrow, as though it was pulling in visitors. The scale of the installation changed just like Alice after eating the cake. We shrank some of the chairs so that visitors could barely squeeze into them, and enlarged others until visitors’ feet couldn’t touch the ground”.


[Via: Sensory Impact]