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…Anonomous photos can tell you a lot?

The Anonymous Photo Project

Anonymous art is a growing trend, and with projects like 1000 Journals and The Anonymous Photo Project, I can see why. It’s a way of giving people a means of expression and just sitting back and seeing what they do with it. The end result is an unidentified look into the life of a complete stranger, but you somehow feel like you know more about them through their creation. TAPP was “about discovery, and chance”. Inviting packages were left in public places, and the rest was left up to the finder. Inside each package was a disposable camera, an envelop with enough postage to return the camera to an address in Canada, and a sheet of instruction. 32 cameras were left out, and so far, 7 have returned. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes in, and what it tells us about a complete stranger.

[The Anonymous Photo Project]

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