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…Apple will change the world today?

iTunes Down

So Apple’s “Showtime” event will be starting soon, and the blogosphere is abuzz with rumors and guesses as to what is going to be revealed. Apple has an amazing way of keeping secrets, so no one really knows what could be up their sleeve, but I’m going to put forward my guess and see how it pans out against the official announcement.

  • New iTunes: this one is pretty easy to guess. They will be at least adding movies, since the entire iTunes store is down and it just says, “It’s Showtime” on the link, but my guess is a whole revamp of iTunes to fully integrate their movie download service.
  • New iPod: this is my farthest stretch, but sales of the current iPod are slowing, and Apple really needs a product to put it back in the spotlight. My guess is a widescreen, Bluetooth, virtual touchwheel, Wi-Fi device with larger hard drives than those currently available.
  • New AirPort: If Apple is going to announce movies, it needs to announce a way to get those movies from your computer to your TV.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Tune in at 10:00 PST to find out how I did, and see what amazing new products Apple will unleash on the unsuspecting world at large.