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…Articulating chairs are good for your back, bad for your wallet?

Folding Chair

Here’s a chair guaranteed to keep your chiropractor in business. The P40 Articulated Chair fold into more positions than your yoga instructor, and probably costs more as well. Designed in 1954 by Osvaldo Borsani in Tecno, Italy, it features a frame made of painted black steel, rubber armrests, and polyurethane foam fill with removable upholstery. The chair is adjustable at several points:

  • Seat and back fold up and down
  • Footrest extends out or can be folded completely under the seat
  • Headrest can be adjusted for the height of the user
  • Rubber armrests can be turned up or down and out of the way

Be prepared to adjust your wallet though and get quite a bit of cash out of the way, this artsy chair will set you back $6,500.

[Moss – P40 Articulated Chair]

[Via: Uncrate]