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…Audi has a sense of humor?

Audi Say Cheese
Audi, and what has to be one of the most law scoffing ad agencies this side of Africa (where this pic is from), posted a banner for their new RS6 right in front of the prying lens of a speed camera. Though only a before pic, it would be amazing if the after pic used the speed camera’s evidence photo to advertise inadvertently (on the government’s behalf, definitely advertently on Audi’s behalf) for the company. Imagine opening a ticket and finding a picture of you merrily speeding along in your Ford Focus underneath this thing. Would you pay it? Frame it? Make it your holiday card picture? Though if you do happen to be driving in an RS6, the ad serves as fair warning, as you are likely to get your fair share of holiday card moments behind the wheel of a 450 hp V8, twin turbocharged, twin air-to-air intercooled, quattro behemoth. Either way, work on your smile and head on over to Africa for some photographic fun.

[Via: German Car Blog]