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…Beer is supposed to have a little head on it?

Beer Advocate is a web site for everything beer, and they have crafted a tutorial for pouring a perfect glass. Yes, glass, recommended by Beer Advocate as the best way to enjoy a beer (though I’m sure Bud Light tastes the same out of a can as it would in a glass). Now pouring seems like an easy task, just make sure everything stays inside so you don’t loose any of that alcoholic magic, right? Wrong. According to Beer Advocate, “Pouring beer is an art, and definitely part of the overall tasting experience”. Damn straight. So here’s their steps for a perfect pint:

  • Use a clean glass. A dirty glass, containing oils, dirt or residuals from a previous beer, may inhibit head creation and flavours.
  • Hold your glass at a 45° angle. Pour the beer, targeting the middle of the slope of the glass. Don’t be afraid to pour hard or add some air between the bottle and glass.
  • At the half-way point bring the glass at a 90° angle and continue to pour in the middle of the glass. This will induce the perfect foam head. And remember, having a head on a beer is a good thing. It releases the beer’s aromatics and adds to the overall presentation. You may also want to gradually add distance between the bottle and glass as you pour, to also inspire a good head. An ideal head should be 1″ to 1-1/2″.

Also of note: “With bottled conditioned beers, that may have a considerable amount of yeast in the bottle, you may wish to watch closely as you pour … if you don’t like yeast in your poured beer. However, this is the highlight of some beers and actually wanted. Just note that the inclusion of yeast will alter the clearness and taste of your poured beer, and lively yeast is high in vitamins and nutrients!”

[Via: Beer Advocate]