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…Beer robots are the best robots?

Robot Beer Belly

Robot Beer Pour

This may be the coolest robot on the face of the Planet. Asahi, makers of Japanese beer, gave away 5,000 of these things for a special promotion, and my only hope is that they find their way to eBay so that I may take one home and love it like it were my own. Featuring a beer belly that cools and stores six beers and two mugs, the robot will grab a fresh can, open it up (which I find to be the most amazing part, how does it know where the pull tab is?), pour the beer into the mug, tipping the mug along the way to form a perfect head, and then depositing the can in its robot hand for your human hand to pick p and recycle. It even looks sweet, with an LED screen that can display messages and facial expressions. It might take twenty times as long to open your beer than if you just did it yourself, and it might scream Japanese things at you the entire time, but these are sacrifices that must be made to have the coolest alcoholic robot there ever will be.

Also, is it just me, or does this think remind you of Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner


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