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…Beer school is much more fun than regular school ever was?

Dethroner offers up a five-beer list to get you started in the world of beer tasting. Though not necessarily some of the best beers on the market (though they are good), they are available nation wide, represent a wide palate and are mild enough for most to enjoy without being put off by strong and strange tastes. Though I agree with some of their choices (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a classic, Yuengling has history and Guinness is most everyone’s introduction into the world of stouts), I think there are better choices than Dos Equis Amber and St. Pauli Girl Special Dark. Try out a bottle of Fat Tire, Anchor Steam or Newcastle for a treat of the tongue with quite a bit more flavor than a standard Bud. Beer is a great deal about personal preference though, so pick up a few varieties and give each a fair chance, you never know which one may strike your fancy.

[Beer School: Five Starter Beers]

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