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…Bike parts make great furniture?

Milano Lounge Chair

Here’s a cool idea for a product made with recycled material: Furniture made of old bicycle parts. Bike Furniture Design has many different creations to suit your taste, with my personal favorite being the Milano Lounge Chair (LCM) – Mini Deluxe. Bike Furniture Design was created in 1991, and the LCM is the closest relative to the original concept. Constructed with chromed steel bicycle rims and available with inner-tube upholstery or with cushions made with a wide choice of fabrics (come on, keep it original, go with the inner-tubes), the rims serve as the arm rests and can be fitted with tires or inner-tubes as well for added comfort. What makes this really unique are the subtle touches like the handlebars acting as the legs, complete with grips, the dice on the valve stem, and the honker horn attached to one of the legs. A very original concept, and one that would make a great addition to any modern home.

[Bike Furniture Design]

[Via: Cool Buzz]