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…Britney Spears has a body double?

Britney Spears BelieveBritney Spears was looking pretty good during the photo shoot for her latest fragrance.

So good, in fact, that Elizabeth Arden issued a statement to refute the claims that they used a body double.

According to the spin doctors:

    We recently shot Britney Spears for the print campaign for her new fragrance Britney Spears Believe, in Santa Monica. It is true Britney did leave the set; however, she returned after a brief time. We used Cayli [Cavaco] (Britney’s assistant) as a stand-in so we could set up the lighting while Britney was off the set. When Britney returned, we shot the ad. The only person in the national print ad for Britney’s Believe Fragrance is Britney Spears.

Now the real question is, how do I get an assistant that looks like Cayli?

[Via: Daily Mail]