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…Bugatti Veyrons are not subtle cars?

Though if forced, I’d take a Ferrari Enzo, what I really want for Christmas is a Bugatti Veyron:

If anyone has an extra that they wouldn’t mind letting me have, I’d be eternally grateful, and I’d even wash yours for you whenever you wanted, even if it looks like this:

Pepto Veyron

Bathing Ape, apparently famous in the Japanese streetware scene, found it fit to cover their Bugatti in a not so camouflaged Pepto Pink, complete with Bathing Ape print camo. This wasn’t their first attempt at destroying what remains of the subtlety of a supercar though, as shown by their camo’ed Rolls Royce Phantom:

BAPE Phantom

Ten bucks says Paul Dalton wouldn’t touch either of these with a sponge on a ten-foot stick.

[A Bathing Ape]

[Via: Ed Spivak’s Daily Ramble]

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