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…Bumblebees collect jars of whimsy?

Jar Of Whimsies

One Good Bumblebee has taken the world’s best whimsical treasures and vintage trinkets and put them into a product called the Jar Of Whimsies. What kind of whimsies? Well:

    Glass glitter imported from Germany, vintage cotton spun mushrooms, gold foil leaves, viles, millinery supplies, vintage beads, vintage costume jewelry, vintage clothespins, typewriter keys, jingle bells, vintage marbles, wooden spools, sugared fruits, antique skeleton keys, vintage game pieces, watch parts, foil dresdens, miniature toys, vintage swizzzle sticks, charms, and so much more.

It’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life who could use more whimsy.

[One Good Bumblebee – Jar Of Whimsies]

[Via: Design*Sponge]

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