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…Burger King will give you free food?

Someone managed to “hack” any Burger King receipt with an offer on the back for a free whopper or chicken sandwich with completion of a survey, and then of course posted the method online for all to see and exploit. All you have to do is write in the month code and a string of random numbers, and it should be enough to fool the highly paid and expertly trained workers into giving you the free food. Instructions are as follows:

  • Find a receipt with the telephone survey on the back.
  • Where it says to write the code and place the two letter code followed by 5 numbers (hint: Numbers do not have to be in any order or value except that there has to be five of them) for which month you are currently in.
  • Example: WH 12345 the only thing they will check are the two letters.
  • You still have to buy any size fry or drink but you will always get a free sandwich of your choosing.

Month Codes:
(Based on which month your are in, choose the two letters that coincide with that month)

  1. Jan = BB
  2. Feb = LS
  3. Mar = JH
  4. April = PL
  5. May = BK
  6. June = WH
  7. July = FF
  8. Aug = BF
  9. Sept = CF
  10. Oct = CK
  11. Nov = CB
  12. Dec = VM

[Free Whoppers]

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