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…Griffin’s FireWave brings surround sound to your Mac?

FireWave Surround Sound

Griffin has released the FireWave, an external 5.1 surround sound processing system just for Mac computers. Using a FireWire cable to both connect to your computer and draw power from your computer, the FireWave doesn’t clutter your desk with extra cables or require you to carry around an extra power supply. There is even an extra FireWire port in the back so you can daisy chain another FireWire device to it and not loose your port. The built in Dolby Digital processor brings true surround sound to your gaming, iTunes, and DVD player. Technical specifications are as follows:

  • Audio Ports: 3 – 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo minijacks (Left/Right, Center/Subwoofer, Left Surround/Right Surround)
  • FireWire Ports: 2
  • Supported Audio Formats: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II
  • Additional audio configurations are supported through Mac OS X’s Audio MIDI Setup utility
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Line-out voltage: 2Vpp
  • Size: 132mm (5.20”) wide x 77mm (2.83”) deep x 25mm (0.98”) tall

[Griffin Technology]

[Amazon – FireWave]

…My Dream App aims to revolutionize the software industry?

My Dream App

My Dream App is a new competition that aims to design the next three “killer apps” for Mac OSX. The brain child of Phill Ryu, a well known Mac blogger, it will do so by allowing user submissions of application ideas, which will then be narrowed down to two dozen finalists by a team of judges including Apple guru Steve Wozniak, founder Kevin Rose, New York Times columnist David Pogue, and former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Then, visitors to the site can vote, American Idol style, and eliminate all but three apps. These three winning apps will then see the light of day via a development team made up of Unsanity’s Jason Harris, AppZapper’s Austin Sarner, SubEthaEdit’s Martin Ott and iClip’s John Casasanta. My Dream App aims to revolutionize the software industry by providing “a no holds barred, totally transparent and ridiculously low barrier version of Macintosh shareware development”. Sounds like a good idea to me. Plus, they’re giving away an Apple MacBook to the winners, and Video iPods to the three runners up. If you’ve always had that idea brewing for the next greatest Mac app, but didn’t have the programming knowledge to make it a reality, now is you chance to grab a piece of the glory.

[My Dream App]

…There’s an app for your Mac that lets you play DJay?


Unleash your inner DJ (DJay?) with the new program by Algoriddim. Designed for the Mac, it gives you full control over two realistic virtual, interactive turntables. You can even record your creations for that next bar mitzvah you get hired to do. It supports almost any file format, such as MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC, CAF (though surprisingly enough for a Mac app, not the iTunes format). With nice touches such as the artwork being displayed on the vinyl, and close integration with iTunes, it’s definitely fun to play around with, though hired and professional DJs (DJays?) may want to look for something a little easier (scratching with a mouse just takes away some of the tactile feedback I’m assuming you’d need) and more professional for their next gig.

…You iPod now wears the pants in your relationship?

Levis iPod

Levi’s, in an obvious attempt to bring a little cool to its company, is coming out with the RedWire DLX iPod Jeans. The RedWire part is an obvious reference to the data cable that connects your iPod to the jeans, but the DLX part remains a mystery. Maybe it stands for the included retractable headphone brick or the included iPod controls, looking remarkably like a shuffle transplant, but it probably stands for the fact that Levi’s couldn’t add anything else to the end of the name to make them sound even geekier. Never again will you be plagued by people asking you ‘is that an iPod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?’ just show them your red umbilical cord and let the jeans speak for themselves.

…The battle between Mac and Windows has been settled once, but not for all?

With Apple launching the latest verbal assault on Vista today at the WWDC, the battle between Apple and Windows is becoming bloodier by the day. Website attempts to settle once and for all “which operating system would offer users a richer out-of-the-box experience”. They use over 100 different topics for comparison, and evaluate each using what they term “truth and objectivity”. Makes me wonder what type of computer they wrote the article on. Scratch that, regardless, it was probably written using Word, although that’s not provided with either “out-of-the-box”. Oh well, let the battle continue. If you’re thinking about purchasing either, this may be the guide for you. Otherwise, check it out for the very least to see which one has better GUI and why.