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Auto Ink Tattoos You A Religion

Auto Ink

Auto Ink by Chris Eckert is “a three axis numerically controlled sculpture. Once the main switch is triggered, the operator is assigned a religion and itís corresponding symbol is tattooed onto the personís arm. The operator does not have control over the assigned symbol. It is assigned either randomly or through divine intervention, depending on your personal beliefs.”

[Auto Ink via: Ink Butter]

The Incident at Tower 37

In honor of World Water Day, animator Chris Perry has released his award winning short, The Incident at Tower 37:

NOVA The Film by ROJO

NOVA is “a sincere DIY documentary film on new art and the young artists behind it”, filmed at Nova Contemporary Culture, which took place in July and August of 2010 at the Museum of Image and Sound, and SESC Pompeia, in S„o Paulo, Brazil.

[Via: Wooster Collective]

…PEZ goes into The Deep?

The Deep is the latest short from PEZ, which mimics the look of an underwater wildlife film with everyday objects used in unique and unusual ways.