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…Real life has been recreated in The Sims life?

SIMVeillance: San Jose is an art project by Katherine Isbister and Rainey Straus produced in collaboration with SIM consultant Chelsea Hash. The idea is two monitors inside the San Jose Museum of Art show the same live scene of the outside of the building. The difference is one shows the scene via a camera feed, while the other recreates the scene via The Sims 2 game engine. Each person is recreated as an avatar, and the virtual population grows throughout the duration of the exhibition. Seems like a cool idea, though it does bring back existential philosophical questions regarding the existence of everything, and then my brain explodes. Check it out for yourself and see what you think (just be careful about the brain exploding thing).


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…Grand Theft Auto and Coca-Cola make quite a team?

The Wieden & Kennedy ad agency has created a wonderful spoof of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Coca-Cola company. The main character trades his semi-autos and star counts for Cokes and a few good karma good deeds. Given every opportunity to unleash mayhem and destruction, he takes a different path, and the results are a drastic change from what GTA has been known for lately. I don’t want to ruin the effect, so watch and be amazed.

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…A skatepark doesn’t have to be ugly?

Skateboarding Park

Proving that skate parks don’t just have to be a place where societal underdogs go to escape the man, muralist Maya Hayuk has created Roll Rampant and Free, a temporary painted skateboarding facility in Pittsburgh. The park features psychedelic imagery and illustrations that form tunnels and ramps, and may be the first art piece/sculpture actually designed to be thrashed with four-wheel mayhem. This would make a perfect alternative for cities too afraid of what skateboarding does the aesthetic beauty of their local businesses.

[Roll Rampant and Free]

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…Pissing off pigeons doesn’t have to be ugly?

New York Pigeon
Swiss design team Martino D’Esposito and Alexandre Gaillard have created a new and aesthetically pleasing way to piss off pigeons that have become a foul (no pun intended) problem for buildings across the land. Called Pigeon Repulsive, these laser cut silhouettes of New York, Paris, and Lausanne can be attached to the edges of buildings, replacing the skewers that are currently used for repelling duties and adding a little style to the otherwise slab sided building. Though just a concept, I wonder why something like this isn’t used currently.