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…Beer gives you bigger boobs?

Budweiser Girls

For women that can’t control their consumption of alcohol, but would still like a little breast boost, there’s now a beer called Boza that will supposedly help them out.

Crafted in Bulgaria, this beer contains breast-enhancing stimulants that are “proven to increase your cup size” (and probably your gut size too). Though it’s an ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ sort of thing, this has definitely got some potential.

[Via: TrendHunter]

…Beer and pizza go together?

Pizza BeerTom Seefurth had a novel idea. He liked pizza, and he liked beer, so he figured, why not combine the two?

No, not beer flavored pizza. Tom wanted something a little more exotic. He wanted pizza flavored beer.

By adding actual pizza right into the brewing process, Tom’s beer is able to capture the flavors of the Italian favorite, while still staying true to its brew roots.

How about it, would you try a Pizzeer?

[CBS – Suburban Hobbyist Puts New Spin On Pizza And Beer]

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…It’s TGI Friday: Beer?

Imperial Russian Stout Pipeline Porter

Free Stuff Friday is back, and this time, I’m giving away a $10 iTunes gift card to one lucky winner (which is coincidentally just enough to buy the DYH iMix 04.07 if you so choose). To enter, just add a comment to this post with the name of your favorite beer. Not only will this earn you an entry into the contest, it will also add $.50 to the Comment Charity total as a way of saying thanks for your time.

Don’t drink beer? No problem; just comment with the name of your favorite beer alternative (soda, coffee, water, wine, etc.) and you’ll also be entered.

Though my all-time favorite would have to be Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout, I’m currently digging the wonderful Pipeline Porter that Kona recently released.

As usual, the contest will run through Sunday, so you have plenty of time to pick a favorite (or make one up if you don’t already have one) and type it into the comment box.

A few minutes of your time in exchange for a chance at a few free songs? Sounds like a good deal to me. Cheers.

iMix 04.07

…Keg math is hard?


Throwing a party? You could buy a keg and hope for the best, but why not just let The Kegulator do the hard work for you. By plugging in how many people will be drinking and how drunk you think they plan on getting, The Kegulator will figuring out just how much beer you’ll need to buy as well as how much ice and how many cups you’ll need to dispense that beer. It’s like having a web based college roommate.

[The Kegulator]

[Via: TechCrunch]

…Beer + Milk = Bilk?


Bilk, a combination of beer and milk, was conceived of by the son of a liquor store manager after watching dairy firms throw out huge amount of surplus milk. The low-malt beer reportedly has “a fruity flavor that its brewers hope will be popular among women”. Mmmm… cow beer.

[Mainichi Daily News – Bilk]

[Via: Neatorama]