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…MASH makes fixed gear bikes look like fun?


When I heard the words ‘fixed gear bikes’ and ‘DVD’ used together, I had my doubts about how good a movie about the somewhat artsy bikes could be, but after watching the trailer, I will humbly accept defeat.

Despite a lack of gears, pegs, shocks, or comfort of any kind normally associated with trick bikes, the Mash SF crew manages to make this sport look like a ton of fun.

The DVD includes their hour-long feature film, an extra hour of outtakes, and a 120-page book of project photos and explanations.

Why wait? Pre-order now.


[Via: High Snobiety]

…OnGuard’s Locking Skewers keep your bike’s parts in place?

OnGuard Locking Skewers

If you were born to ride, but bicycle theft is a problem in your area, then check out OnGuard’s Locking Skewers.

By replacing the quick release wheel and seat bolts with a bolt set that can only be opened with a one-of-a-kind key, you can simply lock your frame to a solid object and not worry about somebody making off with your bike’s pieces and parts in the middle of the night.


[Via: Cool Hunting]

…Markus Stoeckl is fast?

Markus “Hercules” Stoeckl

Markus “Hercules” Stoeckl doesn’t like going slow. Weighing in at 220 lbs., and standing 6’4” tall, it’s easy to see where he got his nickname from.

Recently, Markus set a new record for the world’s fastest mountain bike by going 130.7 mph down the side of a 45-degree mountain in the Chilean Alps, smashing the previous record by 14 mph. To add to the excitement, Markus had to hold his breath for the entire 40-second run to prevent his helmet from fogging up.

The only question is: How did he stop?

[Via: Neatorama]

…You can surf the streets?


Looking like a cross between a mountain bike and a big roller skate, the StreetSurfer is a five wheel cycle that is supposed to give you “enhanced stability, the ‘surfing/carving sensation’ and the patented front and rear suspension system”.

Not mentioned on their page is that it gives you awkward stares from anyone who sees you riding this thing, though I guess that just goes unspoken.

I can’t attest to the ‘surfing/carving’ sensation, since I haven’t had a chance to ride one (Dear StreetSurfer, if you’d like to send me a demo unit, I’ll definitely give it a whirl.) though I’d imagine it’s going to take quite a sensation to overcome the feelings that you’ll get when you realize you’re riding on four high-tech training wheels.

Still, points must be given for creativity, and who knows, maybe this is the ride of the future.

(Or, maybe not.)


[Via: Gizmodo]

…Felt Racing makes the MP for street soldiers?

Felt Racing MP

The Felt Racing MP is a classic cruiser with a vast amount of army style. Designed to withstand even the toughest of terrain in the urban jungle, the MP can handle any mission, and features:

  • Monocoque-aluminum Frame
  • Integrated Tank
  • Bombproof Wheels with 12-gauge Stainless-steel Spokes
  • Fat Balloon Tires
  • Front and Rear Racks
  • Canvas Saddle Bag
  • Fenders
  • Generator-powered Headlight

With looks to kill and features to match, the MP will promote you to general of the streets in no time.

[Felt Racing MP]

[Via: Uncrate]