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…PML builds a 640 hp electric Mini?

Hybrid Mini

The PML Mini QED is a high performance hybrid version of BMW’s Mini Cooper. Put together by a British engineering firm, the car features four 160 hp electric motors, one per wheel. These motors are powered by a small gasoline engine, and give the car a combined 640 hp, accelerating to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and giving a top speed of 150 mph. The car can run for four hours on just battery power, and has an all-electric range of 200-250 miles and a total range of about 930 miles. For longer journeys, the gasoline engine is used to recharge the batteries, giving the car 80 mpg in hybrid mode. The Mini doesn’t have brakes. Instead, the motors act as electrical generators, which slow the car down and recharge the batteries. Almost all of the energy used to get up to break neck speeds is recouped bringing the car back down to less than lethal speeds. ABS is built into the system, as each wheel can be independently controlled for anti-skid on both acceleration and braking. There is no differential. Instead, each wheel communicates with the other over 1000 times per second, determining the optimal amount of torque. Pick one of these up, and challenge the guy who just bought a Tesla to a race.


[Via: WorldCarFans]

…There will soon be hybrid race cars?

Hybrid Race Car

Technology usually thought of as powering slow, bland commuter cars is getting revamped in the form of hybrid driven race cars, which will be the stars of a new, cleaner Formula racing series. Racecar design firms N. Technology S.p.a. and Tatuus s.r.l. have teamed up to build a hybrid single seat Formula car. Tatuus, builder of Formula Renault cars, will build the concept designed by N. Technology, and will also provide technical assistance and spare parts to teams involved in the new series beginning in 2007. The cars will have a 2-liter, 4-cylinder, 250-bhp engine, along with a hybrid engine system. Awsome.

[Via: Gizmag]

…TechArt can make your supercar extra super?

TechArt GT

If your neighbor just brought home a brand new Porsche Carrera GT, and you miss that feeling of being the only kid on the block to have one, then freshin yours up by taking it to TechArt and letting them work their magic. Their pumpkin orange creation is balanced out by exposed carbon fiber bodywork, including the new front spoiler (lip) that helps control the lift created by the 635 hp monster of an engine, now breathing easier thanks to a new air intake and performance exhaust. TechArt doesn’t just give the eye candy to passer-bys though. Interior wise, they added a new sport steering wheel with a leather and carbon fiber rim, and a shifter made from carbon fiber, left exposed for that techy look. If your tastes aren’t satisfied driving around in a notice me orange colored Porsche, they also offer a variety of color and upholstery options.


[Via: Jalopnik]

…The RK Coupe will eat your neighbor’s Cayman for lunch?

RUF Cayman

StudioTornio has partnered with RUF Automobile to create an entirely new car using the shell of a Porsche Cayman, called the RK Coupe. RUF developed and built all of the mechanical, performance, and certification aspects, and StudioTorino handled the aesthetics. Inspired by the Porsche 904 and the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, “this coupe is understated, not large and not brash. It is tailored to the pilot and co-pilot like a haute-couture dress”. RUF’s powerplants can be had as an aspirated version, an injection version, a Kompressor version, or a turbo version. The Kompressor version will put out a healthy 440 bhp and take the car to 60 in only 4.3 seconds, with a maximum speed of 195 mph.


[Via: Jalopnik]

…Your Boxter can be gold plated for extra gaudy points?

Gold Boxter

If you like gold, and I mean really like gold, then you may be interested in Visualis’ new Porsche Boxter. Originally a publicity stunt to get people into their jewelry showroom, they are now making it available publicly as a limited edition model. The Boxter will be available soon, along with nine other gold-covered Porsche models. All major components get the 22 carat gold treatment, including the steering wheel, doorknobs, body and rims. Just hope you don’t get a scratch in it when you park at the supermarket, unless it’s by a gold-plated shopping cart.

[Via: Gizmag]