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…Ford will remove all gas caps post 2008?

Ford Capless Fuel Filler

Ford will roll out their Capless Fuel Filler beginning in 2008. Self described as “a tangible example of how Ford is developing innovative product solutions to satisfy the unmet needs of consumers”, they made no mention of the other unmet consumer need; for American cars that don’t break down after the drive home from the dealership. First used on the Ford GT, it eliminates the problem of forgetting to put the gas cap back on after fueling, and it saves those precious few moments lost while you unscrew the fuel filler cap. So basically they’re adding a feature designed for the extremely lazy to be even lazier. Come on, was it really that hard to remember to take the cap on and off? On the plus and non-lazy side, it does help the environment by preventing gas fumes from escaping; which makes me wonder how much gas fumes escape using the current gas cap technology. Apparently enough for a replacement, and for that I salute you Ford, keeping America pollution free, one gas cap at a time.

[Via: Leftlane News]

…You can get a Yoo-hoo powered car?


In what might be the best example of cars coming full circle and returning to the look of a covered wagon, comes the Yoo-hoo mobile. A modified four door Caprice, this Donk (Short for donkey, which is apparently what the Impala logo looks like and is now used to refer to a car modified to fit at least 20 inch rims, who knew?) sits on 27 inch rims, and is painted the color of the Yoo-hoo drink it promotes. I’m not sure if this is a marketing ploy or just someone’s idea of a theme, but either way the excessiveness is mind-boggling. Sign me up for a ride!

[Donk via Wikipedia]

[Via: Jalopnik]

…You can finally experience that Ferrari you use to get groceries?

Porsche At The Country Club

The thrill of the open road, the sound of an engine at full throttle, the colors of the scenery flying by, and the drinks at the clubhouse afterwards. The first three are well known to driving enthusiasts, but a new breed of automotive country clubs is trying to change the way people enjoy their overpriced toys. Requiring only a need for speed, a car fast enough to fill that need, and a safety check on both you and your check book, these clubs offer not just races, but open drive time where you can enjoy the often suppressed feelings of speed in an age of speed traps and cameras. They feature clubhouses, garages, go-kart tracks, skid pads, and many more of the features car fanatics can usually only dream of. So skip out of work early, fire up your Ford GT, and tear up a perfectly good set of tires while still getting home in time for dinner. Heaven can wait; I’m gong to the track.

[Via: Forbes Auto]

…Audi has a sense of humor?

Audi Say Cheese
Audi, and what has to be one of the most law scoffing ad agencies this side of Africa (where this pic is from), posted a banner for their new RS6 right in front of the prying lens of a speed camera. Though only a before pic, it would be amazing if the after pic used the speed camera’s evidence photo to advertise inadvertently (on the government’s behalf, definitely advertently on Audi’s behalf) for the company. Imagine opening a ticket and finding a picture of you merrily speeding along in your Ford Focus underneath this thing. Would you pay it? Frame it? Make it your holiday card picture? Though if you do happen to be driving in an RS6, the ad serves as fair warning, as you are likely to get your fair share of holiday card moments behind the wheel of a 450 hp V8, twin turbocharged, twin air-to-air intercooled, quattro behemoth. Either way, work on your smile and head on over to Africa for some photographic fun.

[Via: German Car Blog]

…The Javan R1 is way faster than your Civic?


Javan R1 Old

Javan R1 New
Used to be car company Strathcarron was swallowed whole by Javan Sports Cars Limited (oddly enough of scale model fame) after a British governmental sideswipe in 2001 left it unable to comply with new Single Vehicle Approval Rules. The after product is the Javan R1, a lightweight, hand built, and world-class speedster (not a scale model, a real car this time). Designed for the road or the track, Javan is thinking global and preparing both right and left hand drive models. Weight is kept down using an “aerospace designed and manufactured epoxy bonded aluminum honeycomb monocoque”, which translates roughly to really, really light and made by scientists and stuff. To continue the scientists and stuff theme, it uses a “computer designed race car inspired suspension. All of the power (hey, it’s only 220 hp but this thing only weighs as much as the rims on your hummer) comes from a mid-engine 2 liter 4 cylinder i-VTEC DOHC engine stripped out of some sort of super Honda (some sort of Civic on ‘roids I’m assuming) that revs to 8600 rpm via the six-speed gearbox. If you want, they’ll even supercharge it, and add launch control, either to reign in the supercharger, or to send you into orbit (probably the former, but you never can be too sure what they’ve got planned).

  • Weight: 670kgs (Google tells me this equals 1477.10 pounds).
  • 0-62mph (100kph): 3.6 seconds
  • 0-100mph (160kph): 9.8 seconds
  • Standing 1⁄4 mile: 12.2 seconds
  • Top speed: 155mph

All this can be yours for the low, low price of £30138.75 (Google again to the rescue, $57,061.70). Get in line though; they’re only going to build a twelve-pack per year. Bumper sticker that says, “No, I am not on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” not included.

For more information, or to place your order (you lucky dog), contact Javan Sports Cars Limited.